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Sales Management & Coaching Certification

Sales Management and Coaching Certification – Customize Your Own Plan Based on Your Needs

Sales Management and Coaching Certification is designed to provide skills and behaviors necessary to support today’s consultative sales performance outcomes. Selling has changed. Coaching is imperative. The days of the ride along are gone in terms of the main coaching that needs to take place on a daily basis. Sales managers need tools to support today’s remote sales teams. This program starts with an assessment that enables sales managers to prioritize learning needs. Test out of those you already know and focus on those that make the biggest impact on your success and your team’s outcomes!


Complete the Sales Management and Coaching IQ™ Assessment to benchmark your strengths and opportunities to grow. Everyone has different experiences, strengths and opportunities. This assessment will help you figure out your opportunities for growth based on your aspirations.


Like all of our programs – these are best conducted in teams to collaborate and enhance group performance. However, we also offer individualized program for sales managers and leaders.

Coach Your Sales Team to Super-Seller™ Performance

Learn about consultative sales behaviors with tips for coaching

each of the eight core competencies, coaching levels of performance

and ideas for sales meetings!

How It Works

  • Tell us About Yourself! – Complete a background survey so we understand your experiences
  • Test your Sales Management and Coaching IQ – Complete our Sales Management and Coaching Assessment (Provide Link – code: SMC1)
  • Set Goals and Design Your Learning Path – Based on the assessment results – we will help you define the path that is best for you. If you test out of topics via the Sales Management and Coaching IQ Assessment, you are considered competent in that particular category. You may however elect to continue development in an area that you test out of – let’s have a discussion to craft your unique program.
  • Access Resources to Complete Your Plan – We will help you access our resources or others to help you accomplish your plan.
  • Apply Your Knowledge to your specific coaching and management situations – We will challenge you to apply the concepts learned with your team – after all – this is real time!
  • 1:1 Senior Leadership Coaching – You are not alone! You have access to Impact Sales and CSC coaches and we will meet a minimum of monthly to discuss your plan, provide insights on your progress and mentor you on your goals.
  • Achieve a Certificate in Sales Management and Coaching once you have reached your goals and pass the Sales Management and Coaching IQ Assessment.

Ask us about a custom-designed Leadership, Sales, Coaching and Management program!

Here are the topics included in this program. Take our assessment and concentrate on the areas that will help you the most!

Change Management

Recognize phases of change, identify when salespeople are stuck and help sales team members adapt to changes.

Coaching By Style

Motivate and manage different types of salespeople and their behaviors. Help sales people recognize behavioral traits of customers and plan accordingly.

Empowerment and Delegation

Empower employees to be self-thinkers and to achieve their full potential. Delegate effectively to develop your team.

Facilitating Effective Sales Meetings

Sales meetings can be a big waste of time or a tremendous opportunity to develop your team an collaborate on ides. Learn tips, techniques for planning and hosting interactive sales meetings with purpose. This applies to both live and online sales meetings.

Influence and Communication

Communicate clearly and help sales team members prepare for interactions based on customer communication styles.

Managing and Coaching Key Account Strategies

Help sales team members navigate and plan key account strategies that appeal to all levels of influencers involved.

Sales Coaching and Performance Feedback

Identify, coach and provide feedback of individual sales performance.

Setting Sales Goals and Territory Expectations

Analyze potential for each sales person’s territory and assist sales team members in prioritizing sales activities and focus.

Team Collaboration and Relationship Management

Nurture a healthy team environment, promote emotionally intelligent decisions and conflict resolution.

Negotiating for Impact

Plan effective negotiation strategies using win-win principles. Coach sales team members to plan, implement and evaluate their success in negotiations.