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What We Customize

Training Programs Are Only as Effective as the Performance They Improve

Choose from our award winning programs, or if you elect, Impact Sales will custom-design a program to meet your needs and desired results.


Impact Sales offers a wide variety of program development options. We can customize any of the following services or create a blended combination for extra impact or to accelerate your training.

We’ll help you develop the blend that is right for your needs!

Contact Impact Sales today to get started.

Live Training Workshops

Your goals are unique to your team and so are the results you’re looking to achieve. Impact Sales will craft live (face to face) training programs utilizing a variety of engaging interaction methodologies incorporating practice exercises to ensure that learning takes place in an interesting and effective way.

Train the Trainer

Our train the trainer programs are the most comprehensive. Our program is designed for both the experienced facilitator who can quickly pick it up and add their own twist to the novice who will appreciate the detailed instructions to make them shine with ease! We custom-design train the trainer materials around new programs, existing programs, webinars, e-learning or for any other relevant training needs.


Discover e-learning that delivers performance excellence! Choose from our library of e-learning topics or we can custom-build or tailor an existing e-learning program to accomplish your specific goals. We believe that asynchronous e-learning should not be passive, but a dynamic learner-centered experience. We employ a variety of engagement activities to aid the learner in practice and application of skills in a way that simulates a live training experience. Our e-learning modules can truly stand on their own. Our e-learning is complimented by relevant and actionable post learning experiences, coupled with performance support and group collaboration.


Webinars can be a terrific and convenient way to collaborate and train on short specific topics. The Impact Sales team will help you determine learning outcomes and activities that are best suited for synchronous web meetings.

Conferences and National Sales Meetings

These are key interactions for teams to come together and be energized. This leads to a prime opportunity for engagement in a high impact setting. Let the Impact Sales team craft the perfect keynote or breakout sessions to increase attendee value and elevate your return on investment. We take the time to understand your audience and build a program that is active and engaging – not your typical room to room lecture!

Games and Simulations

Interactivity is vital to engagement and is integrated in all of our learning methods. It’s particularly effective for group gatherings. Impact Sales can develop and incorporate games, simulations and a variety of practice and experiential learning activities into any training venue. Purposefully created games are perfect additions to conferences, national meeting breakout sessions, sales meetings, and corporate functions – or for any time you want discovery, practice or topic reinforcement with fully engaged participants.


When people think of certifications, they often think of taking a test. While testing is a part of certification, demonstrating skill adoption and core competence building is the key to a strong, beneficial certification program. Impact Sales will help you define standards around an existing or new program and will help you determine credentials and accreditation where desired. Learn more about Impact Sales Certification Programs.

Convert Existing Training Materials

Do you need an existing program converted to a different delivery format? We are experts at converting live training to e-learning, or converting e-learning to a blended format. Whatever your goals, we will provide recommendations to help you realize and exceed them.

Technical and Product Training

Are you rolling out a new product or looking to impart technical information that needs to be retained? Whether training staff, distributors, channel partners or members on your products and services, Impact Sales has expertise that can help. We will develop efficient and actionable solutions allowing you to increase knowledge, accelerate adoption and exponentially enhance retention.


When you’re looking at any training program, utilizing assessments to create a benchmark pays dividends to understand the impact achieved by training. Assessments can help with both quantitative and qualitative measures and when combined provided a well-rounded view of the true value and benefit attained. Impact Sales offers hundreds of different skills and knowledge assessments and transfer exercises measuring a wide variety of outcomes. You can choose from our bank of assessment questions on sales, sales management, leadership and coaching or we can tailor assessments to meet and measure your specific goals and objectives. Explore our Impact Sales Assessment Options.

About our e-Learning – Here is what one client says about our Director of Design and Development.

We believe that training should accelerate learning.