Industry Expertise | ImpactSales
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Industry Expertise

Impact Sales has enjoyed longstanding partnerships and relationships with companies in all industries over the past three decades.


Regardless of industry, there is a common thread among the companies we partner with and that is a mindset about developing their human assets. We work with companies that believe in developing their people. Even when there have been challenging economic times, the companies that choose to continue developing their people tend to significantly outperform their competition when markets course correct. Read our article “Performance Change is Key in Any Economy!” 


Since 1990, we have worked in various segments of manufacturing, distribution, retail banking, higher education, insurance, financial services and chemical distribution. These foundational industries remain strong partners for us. Certain segments of technology, healthcare and logistics and supply chain management have become a keener focus considering the rapid growth these markets are experiencing. We value all of our relationships, both longstanding and new, and look forward to what the future holds!

Impact Sales has been fortunate to work with a wide variety of clients representing a spectrum of industries.


Manufacturer Representatives

Distribution and Dealer Networks

Retail Banking

Financial Services

Higher Education


Logistics and Supply Chain Management


Chemical Distribution and Manufacturing

Insurance Companies