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Our Approach

Exceptional Learning Experiences to Make an Impact on Your Bottom Line

Programs that Deliver Best-in-Class Results


Impact Sales is a leader in the design and delivery of performance-based training programs, materials and resources. For nearly three decades, we have helped thousands of individuals and organizations meet and exceed their performance goals, providing competitive advantage in their respective industries.


Our programs and methodology are tailored to meet each of our clients’ specific training needs. We employ our industry-leading methodologies and best practices to enhance your teams’ performance and results.


Impact Sales builds a strong foundation for individuals to succeed and continue to grow. Our programs deliver state-of-the-art assessment, learning, curriculum design, results-oriented coaching, performance support and measurement.

Training is Only as Effective as the Performance it Impacts and the Results it Produces


In order for training to positively affect and sustain behavioral change, it requires:


  • Accurate needs assessment aligned to performance goals
  • Engaging design and architecture utilizing a variety of learning methodologies
  • Effective delivery methods tailored to engage your specific team
  • Practical application to create transfer of knowledge
  • Active coaching with essential feedback and support
  • Relevant reinforcement, continuing development, and evaluation


When these elements are properly aligned, transformation takes place… performance increases and you attain your desired results.


You wouldn’t expect a person to watch a video on golf and then be able to successfully play nine holes without adequate practice, would you? The right blend of learning, coaching and field integration ensures training is not just an event – but a game changer – one that impacts the behavioral and performance outcomes you need.

We believe training should engage.

Setting the Stage for Optimal Performance


Impact Sales is committed to helping teams enhance their performance, it’s our passion. It’s reflected in our approach to program development. It begins with our comprehensive needs assessment and onboarding process, is infused in our design philosophy, and carried through our implementation strategies.


Our training philosophy is based on learners adopting and performing new skills and abilities at a higher level of capability. We believe all training should engage learners to make discoveries, ask the right questions and practice and apply what they learn to practical, real life situations.

Performance is Sustained When Knowledge is Transferred


Impact Sales delivers programs tailored to meet your teams’ specific goals and outcomes. We start by fully understanding your desired performance outcomes and align the curriculum to ensure that they are met. Training is only training if knowledge is not transferred to field application and changed behavior. We sometimes hear, “If my people can take away one or two new ideas from a training session, I’ll be happy.” That’s not good enough in our eyes. We believe that training should be more deliberate than hoping that something sticks. If designed properly, training should hit the target all the time, ensuring that the right skills are taught, using the right methods, complimented with the right support, coaching and measurement.

Are you interested in learning more? We’re here to help.

Impact Sales Integrated Learning Model

Your Solution for Delivering Performance and Results


This is a design model that we use to craft training programs. When each of these elements are implemented correctly, learning sticks and is integrated into daily behaviors that impact performance and results!

Training Transformed to Learning


Training refers to the methodology for transferring knowledge. Learning takes place when the training architecture accommodates real life practice, application and feedback. The result is a learning participant who is ready and eager to perform.




When learners practice and apply what they learn on the job, they learn by experience, allowing for the richest skill adoption. Coupled with coaching and other performance support, the result is learning that is transformed to real life.


Performance Support


When learning is supported with coaching and actionable feedback, performance is enhanced. This integrated approach translates into lasting behavioral and performance changes delivering sustainable results.