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Program Delivery Options

Success Depends on Delivery that Produces Real-Life Outcomes – Let us Find the Right Blend for You

Impact Sales offers multiple training methods to accommodate the needs of your group. In most cases, a blended approach (one that incorporates a variety of training and coaching methods) offers the most optimal performance outcomes. Regardless of the method, all of our learning programs are designed to be interactive and engaging with a focus on application and performance outcomes. Your Impact Sales advisor will help you select the method or mix of methods that is just right considering logistics and performance goals.

We highly recommend that you introduce learning in “consumable” chunks. All Impact training programs are designed in modular format so you can mix and match your curriculum to suit your needs. Most importantly, this provides a means for learners to concentrate on one skill set at a time, practice those skills, receive coaching and then build on the next.

We believe training should engage.

Individual Training Methods

The following is an overview of our individual training methods. Each method can be employed as standalone or incorporated into a blended approach with assessment and coaching. Both options provide terrific training solutions. Regardless of the training method, we believe that all training should engage the learner to make discoveries, ask questions, practice and apply what they learn in practical and realistic situations.

Impact Sales Facilitated Live Training Workshops

All live training classes are interactive, engaging and designed with the end performance goal in mind. Impact Sales is delighted to facilitate your workshops for you. All of our facilitators hold degrees in adult education and experiential delivery offering engaging and effective sessions. Choose from our award winning topics, or we will custom-design a solution for you.


e-Learning is a terrific alternative or compliment to live training, offering flexibility and just in time delivery. Even if you have experienced e-learning before, we encourage you to experience Impact Sales. When we design our e-learning, we use a variety of activities and practice exercises to simulate live training. Consider using e-learning in conjunction with online coaching, webinars, as post module review or as a means of accelerating live training sessions.

Web-Based “Mini” Review Modules

These short e-learning modules provide an excellent venue for reviewing and practicing key concepts from live training classes or other pertinent knowledge. These are terrific for reinforcing learning on an ongoing basis.

Webinars & Web Coaching Sessions

Webinars offer a convenient way of introducing learners to coaches, content and peer input. Impact Sales will provide the scripts and content you need to conduct webinars, or if desired, we will conduct these for you. We often include web coaching sessions between e-Learning modules as a means for learners to share best practices and receive actionable coaching and feedback.

Train the Trainer Programs and Materials

Impact Sales offers the most comprehensive training materials available. We will provide you with everything you need to conduct fun and effective training sessions. Train the Trainer programs are available for Leadership & Coaching Training as well as Sales & Service Training.


Live Kick-Off

Get your learners together and discuss the agenda and introduce the tools they will be using.


Learners participate in e-Learning courses.


Learners submit application exercises. Coach provides customized feedback.

Attend Meeting

Learners attend group meeting (online or live). Impact Sales provides meeting agendas.

Online Discussion

Learners participate in online discussions.