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Team Leadership

Since 1990 Impact Sales Training has established a network of learning and development professionals that are dedicated to experiential learning, instructional design and coaching.


All Impact Sales instructional designers, facilitators and coaches are working practitioners bringing real-life experiences and deep expertise to your program.

The Impact Sales Team

Marcia Gauger

Founder and Chief Learning Officer (CLO)


Marcia Gauger is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and founder of Impact Sales Training, LLC. Marcia’s background includes close to three decades of sales and sales management, coaching, and training experience. She is a learning thought partner and strategist specializing in custom-designed curriculum development, coaching and facilitation. Marcia has worked with thousands of individuals worldwide in classroom and virtual settings. Marcia is dedicated to helping others achieve their full performance potential and contribute to the results of their organizations.


Marcia is the developer of the Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program, which is nationally accredited for producing sales performance and results. She has authored volumes of proprietary training programs for Impact Sales Training, LLC, DVR Learning, LLC and for the clients that she serves.


“I first put myself in the learner’s shoes. What is their life like and what are they experiencing on a daily basis? Then, I compare that to what the organization needs to achieve and fill in the gaps from there.”


Marcia has served as adjunct faculty to the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Waukesha Technical College, The Center for Financial Training and is a consultant with the CARA Group.


She is a resident of Wisconsin and holds degrees in Communication and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.

“Marcia’s approach to training is comprehensive and creative. Her facilitation and learning design style is engaging and interactive. Marcia is a true learning partner who has helped Hydrite adjust to the learning needs to support our growth over the years.”
— Lynn Byrne, VP of Leadership Development – Hydrite Chemical Co.

George Mueller

Senior Partner


George is a senior partner with Impact Sales. George is instrumental in conducting hands on research in the fields of behavioral economics and sales psychology. He developed the Impact Sales Training Skills Assessments and leads the research and development team of Impact Sales. George holds degrees in adult education and engineering. George is an engineer by trade who holds many patents for design of construction equipment. George’s strengths are his abilities to develop warmth and compassion with his learning group, to share a wealth of experiences that others relate to and to transfer knowledge in a way that people learn and relate to. George also provides business consulting services for the Professional Development Institute of Arkansas Tech University and has also taught at The University of Wisconsin- Milwaukee.


Together with Marcia, George is co-author of The Chameleons – Stories from Super-Sellers which is a series of short stories with teachable moments based on the research that he and Marcia conducted regarding top performing sales people.

“George is fantastic. His personal experiences really helped me relate the training to my situations.”
— Brian Dominic, New Holland, NY

Samantha Henrichs

Director of Design and Development


Samantha is Director of Design and Development of Impact Sales Training’s online learning programs including asynchronous and synchronous e-learning. Samantha brings exceptional style and superior technical design to her creations. Samantha has developed hundreds of learning programs for multiple industries such as insurance, heavy equipment, medical research, chemicals, banking and others. Samantha has a background in technical development and medical technologies.


Samantha is a CARA Consultant and was awarded the CARA Pure award in August 2016 for excellence and innovation in instructional design and e-learning development as nominated by her clients.


Samantha has degrees in biology, microbiology and communication. Samantha also earned her Consultative Sales Certification(CSC) in 2012 and has a certificate in Articulate Storyline Development.


In her spare time, Samantha enjoys competing in equine events, cooking, decorating her new home and taking walks with her two Labradors, Turk and Nessie.

“Sam exhibits professionalism in every aspect of her work. If you’ve seen the output of Sam’s work, you’ll agree that excellence is her calling card. She is innovative and willing to take risks and try new things. She consistently takes content that could be considered tedious by others and brings it to life with engaging interactions and activities!”
— Paula Y. Spears, Education Lead Consultant – Allstate Insurance, Agency Operations Education

Tom D’Agostino

CSC – Master Coach and Facilitator Chief


Tom is the Chief Consultative Sales officer for the Consultative Sales Academy (an Impact Sales Training Strategic Partner) and is a Master Coach (CSCC) of the Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program. Tom brings over 35 years of insights into his coaching practice. Tom has extensive experience working with leaders and sales team members in several industries and specializes in logistics companies and technology. Tom builds close relationships with his coaching clients bringing practical insights and encouraging them to learn and grow.

“Tom is an excellent coach, bringing valuable insights to his coaching sessions. I improved my sales and business development consistently.”
— Marianne Wilson, VP Global Accounts – Mach 1 Global Services

Nancy Grayson

Client Experience Specialist


Nancy is responsible for administration, customer relations and program evaluation. Her meticulous attention to detail adds strength to our entire team. Her background includes design, computer science and customer service management.

“Nancy was involved in our program from start to finish and made sure that all the details were taken care of. Having Nancy and Marcia at our live training event made everything run smoothly. Nancy is a planner and knows how to make everything come together beautifully.”
— Sue Jensen – Clifton Gunderson, LLP

John Jacobsen

Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) Coach, President Quantified Sales Training


John is the President and founder of Quantified Sales Training (an Impact Sales Strategic Partner) and is a Master Coach (CSCC) of the Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program. John brings extensive experience in the industrial marketplace focusing on leadership development, analytics and sales transformation. John helps leaders understand the quantifiable predictors for their business and provides solutions that impact business results. John has served on numerous association and professional boards including The Industrial Supply Association, United States Cutting Tool Institute, and is currently the Chairman of the ISA Education Foundation and several others. John has held leadership positions with international manufacturing groups for over 35 years.


In his spare time, John enjoys touring the country on his Harley and also taking long rides on his human powered bike! John enjoys analyzing trends and sharing his insights with friends and clients.

“John really doesn’t require a recommendation from ANYONE! His experience, professionalism and personality will speak for and sell itself!”
— Gary Logsdon – Sandvik Coromant

Monika D’Agostino

Chief Consultative Training Officer – CSC Academy


Monika is the Chief Consultative Training Officer for the Consultative Sales Academy (an Impact Sales Strategic Partner) and a Master Coach (CSCC) of the Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program.


“Sales is my passion and it is my goal to elevate the reputation of sales and its practitioners.”


Born in Vienna, Austria, Monika moved to the US in 1994 after a successful 17-year career in the insurance industry where she had worked her way up in an almost 100% male-dominated hierarchy to become one of a very few successful female managers. Faced with a completely new business world in the States, Monika quickly embraced the fast-paced environment without losing sight of her European roots and remembering that in the end it is people who matter. This insight has helped Monika connect with business associates and friends alike.

“This was an excellent series. I have significantly increased my effectiveness as a result of what was recommended. Monika is a really great instructor and coach, one who really relates to her audience. Thank you for your expertise and for what I know will help me increase my sales.”
— Yvette Cheesebrew, Regional Manager – Mach 1 Global

Are you interested in learning more? We’re here to help.

A Message From Our Founder

Marcia Gauger

Thank you for considering Impact Sales for your performance development needs.


For nearly three decades, we have worked with thousands of professionals to reach and exceed the performance expectations of their industries, organizations, clients and most importantly – themselves.


Early in my career, suitcase in hand, I developed hundreds of custom training programs and blended-learning solutions and facilitated thousands of sessions.


Our business was founded on offering custom-designed sales and leadership solutions for our clients and in the early days these were primarily delivered via live training or through elements of “train the trainer.”


Blended learning has always been the cornerstone of our methodology. Technology continues to shape our solutions to include more online collaboration and delivery methods, asynchronous and synchronous e-learning solutions, real time coaching and learning support, assessment and measurement. In the 2000’s we introduced the DVR Learning partnership to recruit talent to transform many of our face-to-face solutions to online offerings.


The programs were embraced beyond our expectations. Success came in part because of our continual improvement of the programs. We carefully researched and documented behaviors of top performers who attended our sessions, paying attention to what really works in terms of developing performance excellence. It’s paid off. The initial research into characteristics of top performing sales and leadership behaviors is now the foundation for the extensive library of customized and proprietary training programs we offer.


We have embraced the waves of change from the technological revolution to economic ebbs. Our commitment remains steadfast to always provide solutions to best meet the needs of the modern learner and learning organization.


I reflect on what we’ve accomplished and our innovation, often adopting early thinking in modern learning technologies. We can only accomplish this by astutely paying attention to industry trends and our clients’ businesses. I am proud that through this dedication we have been a constant in the performance development field.


For we know the one constant in business today is, business results are driven by human performance.


I coined the name Impact Sales in the early 90s to reflect our commitment to making an impact on both business and human performance results. After all, training is only training unless it makes an impact!


Please take a moment to explore our offerings and then let’s develop the best program to meet your human performance needs. We would be delighted to partner with you to deliver performance excellence.