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Sales and Communication

Take your sales and service outcomes to the next level. From our view, sales and service are interchangeable. Communication is foundational to all. Sales is all about bringing the right insights to your clients and customers at the right time with the right perceived value – and that doesn’t happen by accident! Since 1990 Impact Sales has helped sales and service teams improve communication, effectiveness and build lasting relationships. To be effective in today’s competitive business environments, sales and service professionals need to balance the multiple skills and strategies that make up their craft. If you are undecided about your training needs, complete our Sales IQ assessment. (Use Survey Code: CSC16)


Choose from our pre-designed programs or let us craft a program specific to your team. Training programs are offered via multiple methods such as train the trainer, live training, e-learning and other blended or independent learning methods. Click on the plus icons below for program descriptions.


Identifying and Influencing Behavioral Styles – Learn how to influence, build relationships, gain commitments and improve communication by reading customer styles, understanding your sales style and adjusting your approach to be most effective.


Have you ever wondered why you click with some people and not with others? Learn how to influence and build relationships by reading core behavioral styles in people, understanding yourself and adjusting your approach to gain commitments and improve communication. Core skills included in this session: Behavioral styles, communication and listening.


Analyze and prioritize sales activities to increase market share, grow current accounts and develop new customers.


To be successful in sales you need to ensure that the activities that you’re involved in produce the most profitable sales results. This module will encourage you to analyze your sales activities in current and potential accounts. You will gain the skills necessary to increase market share by prioritizing sales activities, understand different buying influencers, develop specific sales objectives & account strategies, utilize customer profiles to strategically position yourself and increase relationships. You will also learn skills for attracting new business by learning specific prospecting techniques, identifying tools for new business and by applying a customer modeling process. Core skills included in this session: Writing SMART sales objectives, pre-call planning, identifying buying influencers, multi-level selling, networking, prospecting, telephone prospecting and etiquette, pre-call intelligence & research, account and time management, territory planning and account prioritization.


Gain competitive advantage by applying consultative sales methodology. Bring key insights to clients that address expressed and latent needs, wins and objectives.


Most people lose sales because they use a “standard” approach for all customers. It takes more than exceptional products, features and benefits to separate you from the competition. Consultative selling is the key to customer-focused sales interactions. This module introduces critical skills for anticipating and expressing relevance based on customer insights, identifying needs specific to customer interests and for applying solutions that add value for each influencer involved in the process. Core skills included in this session: Introduction to consultative sales process and concepts, listening skills, pre-call planning, in-depth questioning practice, value added selling. Learn more about our Consultative Selling Certification.


Enhance relationships and understanding by identifying communication styles and applying effective listening and rapport building skills.


The ability to effectively communicate is perhaps the most important skill for sales and service professionals. Understanding how to communicate is key to your success.


The mind is very much like a computer. We all use different languages to communicate. Regardless of what you know, you need to be certain that you are communicating in a language that customers will understand and respond to. In this program you will learn essential skills for sending and receiving clear messages, understanding the spoken and non-verbal intent of messages, adjusting to the technical competency of your customer and speaking the mental language that each customer prefers. At completion of this program, you will increase the response and effectiveness of verbal and non-verbal communication. Core skills included in this session: Interpersonal communication, communication styles, listening, rapport and relationship building.


Get customers who are dragging their feet to make a commitment and learn to quantify value over price.


Objections are really very easy to deal with if you understand what you are dealing with. “This sounds good,” “Let me talk to my partner,” “Let me think it over,” “Call me back in a month or so.” Sound familiar? The first stall you hear has a 3% chance of being the true intent of the customer. Before you answer or accept the objections that you hear, you need to make sure that you’re working with the true meaning. That’s the hard part. After you have clarified the initial response, you can then answer and deal with the objection. True objections fall into one of three categories. If you can categorize an objection, then you can handle it. In addition, many customers give objections because they don’t see the value in what you are offering, or don’t see a reason to change. Core skills included in this session: Identifying and clarifying stalls, categorizing and overcoming skepticism, indifference and opposition, developing answers to objections based on the correct logic for each, demonstrating value, quantifying cost versus price, handling price objections.


Gain more commitment by eliminating fear, recognize buying signs and appeal to “convincer” strategies to close the sale.


Gaining commitments is a natural part of the consultative sales process when applied correctly. The word “closing” often conjures up images of intimidation and tricks. However, closing takes a significantly different role in, and is very much a part of effective selling. In this module you will practice utilizing closing methods effectively, not as a single event, but as a natural part of the consultative sales process. You will employ advanced persuasion techniques to help customers affirm & confirm customer decisions. Core skills included in this session: Identifying buyer and seller fears, eliminating negative reactions to fear, recognizing buying signs, appealing to convincer strategies and persuasive techniques.


Create unsurpassed customer loyalty – enhance the customer experience with internal and external customers.


A common thread in all outstanding organizations is that service starts on the inside. This module will enhance customer service and relationship building skills with internal and external customers to provide service beyond expectations. Core skills included in this session: Identifying internal and external customers and customer expectations, listening, responsiveness, identifying needs both expressed and latent, solving problems, telephone follow-up, communicating internally to solve customer issues, handling upset or disappointed customers, cross selling to help customers.


Develop win-win negotiation plans that produce higher margins, profitability and customer satisfaction.


Learn your negotiation style, make better concessions and overcome tactics. Those who earn more in sales are not necessarily better sales people, they are just better negotiators. Successful negotiation is much like playing a game. If you know and follow the rules, chances are everyone will come out ahead. In this module, you will apply negotiation strategies that, if applied, will immediately transfer to increased profits for you and your company, as well as increased customer satisfaction. Core skills included in this session: Principles of win-win negotiations, planning for successful negotiation outcomes, negotiation styles and preferences, planning for and making concessions, identifying wins for each person, handling common negotiation tactics.


Navigate the ever-changing landscape of multiple or complex sales relationships to reach full account potential.


In today’s complex sales environments, sales decisions are rarely made by one individual. The ability to identify key influencers and develop strategies for leveraging relationships is critical to sales success. In this highly interactive session, we will introduce a formula for assessing account potential, uncovering needs of all account influencers, reaching buying influencers who may affect the decision of the account and implementing an action plan for developing relationships and securing business. You will develop strategies for existing and potential accounts during this session. This session is a highly interactive game and simulation that starts with a sales objective and culminates with an outcome – that outcome depends on the interaction and decisions of all players!


Leverage Your Team to Bring Your Full Capabilities and Strengths to Win Complex and Technical Sales


Team concepts are usually thought to apply to the “internal” organization. In today’s leaner and customer focused business environments, assigning teams to specific customer accounts can reap profitable outcomes. Teams are constructed of internal partners who affect the specific customer outcomes. This may include design engineers, sales people, marketing professionals, customer service persons, production people, and even the customer! This course will introduce you to essential skills for working effectively as a multi-disciplined sales team.


Use technology to increase your sales intelligence and insights.


This module addresses social media from a sales perspective. Learners will be introduced to skills and strategies for using social and online tools for prospecting, pre-call intelligence, online networking, building relationships, and general research necessary for effective account generation and maintenance.


Deliver Presentations That Get Results! Gain practical insights to ensure that your presentations address the needs of your audience – whether delivered live or virtually.


The ability to effectively present to groups requires more than simply speaking about your products or services. Effective presentations require that the speaker engage the audience, understand the best medium of communication, position value for all audience members and control logistics. In this module, you will plan, practice and deliver effective customer-focused presentations.