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Needs Analysis and Assessment

The staff at Impact Sales will help you define expectations, performance standards and desired outcomes so your program produces the results you want and expect.


One of the best compliments we frequently hear from our training participants is “How do you understand so much about our business?” We take pride in knowing your business and reflecting that knowledge in our experiential design and facilitation. It is important for us to understand your current culture and the performance expectations you desire to achieve. We will help you assess needs in terms of impact on the organization, performance and learning.

Custom-Designed Performance Development and Learning Strategy Assessments


Know what you want to achieve but not sure how to get there? Our learning and development strategists will help you figure it out. From competency modeling and curriculum mapping to learning design, we will assess your current needs and provide a complete solution map.

Background Surveys


It is important for us to understand training and development needs from all perspectives. Background surveys are often used to understand the felt needs of the learning group from identifying the gaps to prioritizing the needs. This provides an essential benchmark and helps us understand past experiences, education and job related expectations. This collective background information helps inform the development, delivery and possible customization of a program that will best serve the learners.

Skills and Knowledge Assessments (SKA) (Sales IQ)


The Impact Sales Skills and Knowledge Assessments measure individuals’ skills and aligns them to competencies. We include these findings in our learning curriculums as pre and post measurement. These are powerful tools to help you prioritize group training needs and align the curriculum to achieve individual goals.


We offer a comprehensive library of assessments aligned by competencies and will customize these to measure both soft skills and other technical or industry skills and knowledge desired.


Benefits of Assessment

  • Prioritize group and individual training needs
  • Identify strengths, skills and knowledge gaps
  • Build customized training plans for individuals or groups
  • Use this as a pre curriculum benchmark and post curriculum measure of knowledge gains.

We believe training should be efficient and effective.

Application Exercises and Evaluation


Learning is only as effective the performance it affects. Each training program that we offer includes post module application exercises that encourage the learner to apply learned skills on the job. Learners access these exercises from their personal dashboard. We will also custom-design these specific to the desired behavioral changes you expect from your course outcomes.


  • Hold learners accountable to specific actions and skill integration
  • Coach learners and encourage ongoing skill application
  • Capture best practices

Post Curriculum Impact Survey and Evaluation


Learners and their managers complete an online evaluation of the impact of the program approximately 3-6 months upon completion. This survey captures quantifiable data regarding the level of success in implementing the new skills, such as additional sales dollars, market penetration, and other goals as set by the learner at the start of the program.

Personal Development Plans and Continuing Education


We believe in life-long learning. During a training initiative, it is critical to meet the right skill development with the knowledge, practical field application and feedback. After a training initiative, we encourage learners to assess their gains as well as opportunities for continued growth. Impact Sales will help you develop the tools for your team members to precisely self-assess their progress, create a very personal development plan and check points for success. We equip your managers with coaching materials to check off and support ongoing progress and will help you build a library of learning resources to help team members fill gaps. All tools are custom-designed to align to the learning path and competencies required for each role.

Are you interested in learning more? We’re here to help.