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Sales Sprints 2020: Communicating with Style

The Sales Association Announces a New Series – Consultative Sales Sprints! – Designed to Build Sales and Service Muscle, Agility, Endurance and Effectiveness!

If you are looking for a consumable way to improve your sales and service relationships and outcomes, or are just interested in learning more about the CSC program, join us for Consultative Sales Sprints.

Consultative Sales Sprints are monthly web forums where you will learn the latest insights from experienced sales coaches while collaborating with peers to develop your sales skills and strategies. During each forum, you will dig deep into one core consultative sales competency. You will walk away with insights that you can immediately apply to your sales interactions. Come with questions and leave with answers!

Join Us for the November Sales Sprint!

November 19, 2020 – Communicating with Style – How to Navigate Communication Filters to Positively Influence Sales Results in Virtual or Face to Face Interactions

The ability to effectively communicate is perhaps the most important skill for sales and service professionals. Understanding how to communicate is key to your success. In this day of increased virtual communication, reading communication clues can be even more challenging. In this session, you will learn practical tips that you can apply right away to increase the effectiveness of your sales communication, whether virtual or face to face!

The mind is very much like a computer. We all use different languages to communicate. Regardless of what you know, you need to be certain that you are communicating in a language that customers will understand and respond to. Each person utilizes a complex language that is based on several behavioral, communication and convincing filters. Understand these filters and you will have the key to unlock the mental language of each of your clients. In this program you will learn essential skills for sending and receiving clear messages, understanding the spoken and non-verbal intent of messages, adjusting to the technical competency of your customer and speaking the mental language that each customer prefers. At completion of this program, you will increase the response and effectiveness of verbal and non-verbal communication.

In This Session:

  • Identify the filters of influence and communication and how to positively utilize each to move sales forward
  • Accurately read others and adjust to what influences them most – even virtually!
  • Identify the buying and communication styles of your customers to accelerate commitment and action
  • Utilize the technology and meeting approaches that work for each style, produce comfort and get the response you need to move forward


Subscription to Consultative Sales Sprints: No cost for SA members. $299./per year for yet to be members. Includes 12 forums – approximately one per month. Join as often as you like! Complimentary for CSC graduates and friends of Impact Sales Training, LLC. Go to Register for the webinar series, continue check out and enter promo code CSC2020.

Highlights of Each Forum:

  • Focused on a specific consultative selling topic and insights
  • Learn key insights from certified CSC Coaches and CSC graduates
  • Come with questions and leave with answers to drive your sales forward
  • Open sessions for sharing ideas – insights from coaches and peers
  • One hour in length
  • Hosted by CSC Certified Coaches
  • Held the third Thursday of each month
  • 10:30AM-11:30AM Mountain

“These sprints are facilitated by coaches of the Sales Association’s Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program and are run in a way that emulates the monthly coaching sessions of that program.” Said Jeff Arnold, Executive Director of the Sales Association. “We invite CSC graduates and anyone seeking immediate ideas on how to move their sales forward to attend.”

“The feedback from past Sales Sprints has been fantastic! We have seen much success with this format and are enthused to be able to share the insights with all Sales Association members,” according to Marcia Gauger, co-developer of the CSC curriculum and CSC Sales Sprints. “These are very timely forums that address relevant topics that are top of mind right now.”

Whether you want to just attend and soak it all in or come with a situation related to the topic to share with the group and get coaching feedback– this is your forum – Come as you are! And, be prepared to Learn More, Sell More, Earn More!!

About Your Facilitators

Consultative Sales Sprints are led Certified Consultative Sales Coaches.  The forums begin with a presentation of the topic of focus followed by opportunity for discussion and coaching around real sales issues.

marciabioMarcia Gauger is the Chief Learning Officer (CLO) and founder of Impact Sales Training, LLC. Marcia is co-developer of the Sales Association’s Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program, which is nationally accredited for producing sales performance and results.

 Marcia’s background includes close to three decades of sales and sales management, coaching, and training experience.  Marcia has worked with thousands of individuals worldwide in classroom and virtual settings. Marcia is dedicated to helping others achieve their full performance potential and contribute to the results of their organizations. She has authored hundreds of proprietary training programs and holds several copyrights and trademarks.

She is a resident of Wisconsin and holds degrees in Communication and Marketing from the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater and a degree in Adult Education from St. Francis Xavier University in Nova Scotia.


Tom D’Agostino is the Chief Consultative Sales officer for the Consultative Sales Academy  and is a Master Coach (CSCC) of the Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program.  Tom brings over 35 years of insights into his coaching practice.  Tom has extensive experience working with leaders and sales team members in several industries and specializes in logistics companies and technology. Tom builds close relationships with his coaching clients bringing practical insights and encouraging them to learn and grow.