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Best Practices

Question:  I am running out of ideas for sales meetings.  Do you have any tips for developing skills?
Conducting concise skill-building activities at sales meetings (Whether online or face to face) is a terrific way to enhance abilities and share best practices.  Consider assigning responsibility to a different salesperson for each meeting.   Concentrated segments are key!  Focusing on one skill set at a time gives salespeople the opportunity to reflect on and integrate skills into the upcoming week.   Then, make sure that you review and coach their experiences at the next meeting.

In this day of technology, there is no excuse for “Cold Calling”. No, I am not suggesting that you stop initiating new contacts. Online resources, such as LinkedIn bring a whole new level of “intelligence” to pre-call planning. Reading between...

Because of downsizing, rightsizing and a number of other factors within my accounts, many of my traditional contacts have been eliminated. I feel the need to sell higher in the organization, even to CEO and president level. However, this hasn’t been my usual...