Consultative Sales Sprints - What's the Problem with Objections? | ImpactSales
Overcome even the most difficult objections to win more sales. Learn how to handle stalls, overcome customer doubt, get customers who are dragging their feet to make a decision and quantify value over price objections.
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Consultative Sales Sprints – What’s the Problem with Objections?

sales, objections, price, value, doubt, indifference, closing, gaining commitments, negotiation

Consultative Sales Sprints – What’s the Problem with Objections?

Join us for This Month’s Consultative Sales Sprint – What’s the Problem with Objections? – 3-16-17

Overcome even the most difficult objections to win more sales. Learn how to handle stalls, overcome customer doubt, get customers who are dragging their feet to make a decision and quantify value over price objections.

Some sales professionals dread hearing objections from their customers when really you should welcome them. Objections are really very easy to overcome if you understand what you are dealing with.  Stalls are different from true objections and are much more dangerous. “This sounds good”, “Let me talk to my partner”, “Let me think it over”, “Call me back in a month or so”.  Sound familiar?  These are typical stalls that have  a 3% chance of being the true intent of the customer.  Before you answer or accept the objections that you hear, you need to make sure that you’re working with the true meaning.  That’s the hard part.  After you have clarified the initial response, you can then answer and deal with the objection.

In This Session:

  • Differentiate between stalls and three types of objections
  • Clarify stalls to get to the true customer intent
  • Accelerate your sales by understanding your customer’s true position
  • Overcome skepticism and doubt
  • Get customers who are dragging their feet to make a decision
  • Quantify cost vs. price for the customer
  • Minimize the importance of price in the buying decision
  • Learn proven guidelines for turning objections into sales opportunities

Register for this event or the whole series. Complimentary for CSC graduates – enter code CSC2016 at check out.

Consultative Sales Sprints! – Designed to Build Sales and Service Muscle, Agility, Endurance and Effectiveness!

If you are looking for a consumable way to improve your sales and service relationships and outcomes, or are just interested in learning more about the CSC program, join us for Consultative Sales Sprints.

Consultative Sales Sprints are monthly web forums where you will learn the latest insights from experienced sales coaches while collaborating with peers to develop your sales strategies. During each forum, you will dig deep into one core consultative sales competency. You will walk away with insights that you can immediately apply to your sales interactions. Come with questions and leave with answers!

“These sprints are facilitated by coaches of the Sales Association’s Consultative Sales Certification (CSC) program and are run in a way that emulates the monthly coaching sessions of that program.” Said Jeff Arnold, Executive Director of the Sales Association. “We invite CSC graduates and anyone seeking immediate ideas on how to move their sales forward to attend.”

“CSC graduates have asked for an ongoing venue to continue to grow and share experiences after graduation. We have seen much success with this format and are enthused to be able to share the insights with all Sales Association members,” according to Marcia Gauger, co-developer of the CSC curriculum and CSC Sales Sprints.

Whether you want to just attend and soak it all in or come with a situation related to the topic to share with the group and get coaching feedback– this is your forum – Come as you are! And, be prepared to Learn More, Sell More, Earn More!

Highlights of Each Forum:

  • Focused on a specific consultative selling topic and insights
  • Learn key insights from certified CSC Coaches and CSC graduates
  • Come with questions and leave with answers to drive your sales forward
  • Open sessions for sharing ideas – insights from coaches and peers
  • One hour in length
  • Hosted by CSC Certified Coaches
  • Held the third Thursday of each month
  • 10:30AM-11:30AM Mountain

Subscription to Consultative Sales Sprints:  No cost for SA members.  $299./per year for yet to be members.  Includes 12 forums – approximately one per month. Join as often as you like! Complimentary for CSC grads. Go to Register for the webinar series, continue check out and enter promo code CSC2016.

Consultative Sales Sprints – Topics of Discussion (Subject to Change)

Topic Date
How SMART is Your Pre-Call Intelligence? 2-16-17
What’s the Problem with Objections? 3-16-17
Get in the Game – Negotiating for Impact 4-20-17
Quantifying Value – The Nine Value Points You Can’t Afford to Miss 5-18-17
It Takes All Kinds – Behavioral Selling and Coaching 6-15-17
Service From the Inside Out – Tap Into the Full Strength of Your Team 7-20-17
De Clutter Your Territory – Make Contacts Count to Maximize Sales Efficiency 8-17-17
Communicating with Style 9-21-17
Convincer Strategies – Gain More Commitments with Advanced Sales Psychology and Persuasion 10-19-17
What’s Getting in Your Way of Gaining Commitments? 11-16-17