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Motorola Solutions

Case Study: Motorola Solutions

Customized Sales Training e-learning Programs and Customized Curriculum

The Situation

Motorola Solutions has developed three custom-designed live (face to face) workshops. These were designed in collaboration with an external training partner that specialized in live training but did not have an e-learning option in the format or with the creativity and customization that Motorola demanded.


Motorola had recently adopted a series of customized sales methods that needed to be communicated globally with efficiency and accuracy.


Not only did sales teams need to understand the thinking behind the new methodology, but also needed to be able to utilize the strategy and planning tools that were subsequent to the program.

The Solution

Impact Sales – through our partnership with CARA Corporation, developed three individual e-learning modules custom-designed for Motorola’s unique sales process and branding.


These highly interactive modules were designed in a way that teaches complex concepts interactively and in a way that all key contributors could relate to.


Because of the rapid development required, urgency in program launch and global commitment to utilization, Impact Sales created communication plans and coaching guides to help managers support integration in the field.

This program in partnership with CARA Corporation

The Results

Fully launched program within three months of start.


Global reach with highly interactive e-learning and coaching program. Audience reach went from hundreds to thousands with consistent communication and delivery.

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  • Included in the Program:

    • Highly Customized e-Learning Converted from Live Training Materials from third party partner
    • Rapid design and development
    • Highly interactive and collaborative learning exercises
    • Coaching Guides
    • Communication Plan