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Hydrite Chemical – Sales Team

Case Study: Hydrite Chemical Co.

Sales Development and Coaching

The Situation

Hydrite Chemical recognized the need for managers to coach and train their sales team members on core consultative sales insights and skills. Because of their substantial growth, they also recognized the challenge of training a sales team of 1000+ with managers and sales team members dispersed geographically. Managers needed a convenient and effective was to train and coach specific to each team member’s gaps

The Solution

Customized Sales Program to Support Remote Sales Teams


Impact Sales worked with Sr. Leadership, Regional Sales Managers and team members to build a sales training program with the flexibility to be customized by regional managers and according to the needs of their sales team members.


Based on the success of the customized training workshops that Impact Sales Training has conducted over several years for Hydrite, we custom-designed evaluation and training packages for Regional Managers to use with their teams. Managers use the Impact Sales Consultative Sales Skills Assessment (Sales IQ – customized for Hydrite) to determine individual and group training priorities. Regional Managers were equipped with custom-designed e-learning, training manuals with sample training plans and coaching guides. This gave them the flexibility to assign learning individually to meet gaps, and/or to use the e-learning and training guides to host group training programs. Coaching guides provided recommended support and coaching for individual conversations and group interactions.

The Results

Customized solutions that provide real time training and development options for team members and managers.


Real time training and customized options at manager and team member finger tips.

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  • Included in the Program:

    • Custom-designed sales training program
    • Custom-designed sales assessment
    • Customizable coaching materials
    • Custom-designed e-learning
    • Multiple delivery designs to give Regional Managers flexibility
    • Real time training based on individual needs
    • Blended-learning strategy