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Hydrite Chemical – Leadership

Case Study: Hydrite Chemical Co.

Leadership Excellence Program

Blended Learning Curriculum

The Situation

Hydrite Chemical Co. needed a solution to address underperforming employee satisfaction surveys. Year after year the results were the same. While Hydrite received consistently high scores as a great place to work and positive environment,  branch managers and supervisors received low scores for leadership and communication. Many of the branch managers and supervisors had been promoted through the ranks and while their work ethic as a whole was terrific, they needed help in developing and coaching their teams.

The Solution

Hydrite Leadership Excellence

Impact Sales partnered with Hydrite to develop Hydrite University and Leadership Excellence. By addressing the performance gaps indicated in the annual employee opinion surveys, Impact Sales crafted a blended-learning curriculum directly aligned to fill the gaps. While it was important to address the right leadership and management communication topics, it was critical that the program was structured in a way to ensure long-term behavioral change and success. The program began with participation at the most senior level and trickled down throughout the organization enabling managers who had just completed the program to be coaches to their managers and supervisors as they continued the process.  This program consisted of self-assessment, several in-person training modules, Reinforcement and practice e-learning modules, coaching and field application. Managers were not only evaluated on the knowledge acquired from participating in this program, but also how well they implemented the skills and demonstrated positive leadership with their teams.

The Results

Mission Accomplished – Performance Gap Filled – Employee Satisfaction at All Time High


Over the course of several years, all managers and supervisors have completed the Hydrite Leadership Excellence curriculum and Hydrite continues this program with new management and supervisory employees. Leadership Excellence and the corresponding behaviors are infused in the Hydrite Culture.
The end result is that Hydrite Chemical Co’s leadership team has demonstrated and consistently executed positive leadership, communication, Coaching and performance development skills. Employee satisfaction surveys are consistently positive with gaps filled!


Participants in this program (300+ managers and supervisors)


Doubled their knowledge in the areas of leadership, coaching, performance development, conflict resolution, emotional intelligence, communication and managing behavioral styles. Post module employee evaluations measuring coaching and leadership success averaged 4.85 (out of 5).

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  • Included in the Program:

    • Communication platform
    • Custom-designed workshops
    • Facilitation by Impact Sales
    • Train the trainer/Coach the Coach
    • Skills and Knowledge Assessment
    • Field Coaching Assessment/360 Feedback
    • Pre and Post Session Work
    • Coaching Guides
    • e-learning practice and review modules