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Hydrite Chemical – Hiring Process

Case Study: Hydrite Chemical Co.

Competency Modeling

The Situation

Due to Hydrite’s success and rapid growth, they needed to hire sales and account lead development professionals to fill new account acquisition, current account managers, and growth and technical sales and service roles. Hydrite realized they couldn’t afford to hire generalists. Their incumbent sales team members were highly specialized and also extremely successful.


The challenge — how to find talent that possessed the same success traits as their current team? It became apparent that education and skill sets were fairly common between the three sales roles.


The bigger question — why are our sales team members successful in one “bucket” more so than another with equal training, education and skills?

The Solution

Implement Strengths and Key Motivators Competency Modeling and Assessment for Technical Sales Team Hiring Process


The answer to this puzzle was to look at the specific strengths and motivations that made sales team members successful. Impact Sales conducted competency modeling of the current team in order to develop a hiring and assessment tool for new candidates.


To get to what the real differences are given parity in education and skills, we looked at the specific interests – many not job specific – that made each group successful. We develop parallel correlations and developed a customized Strengths and Key Motivators Survey for each of the three roles.

The Results

Successful implementation and thriving new hires!


After testing the Strengths and Key Motivators Competency Modeling against the three main sales roles, Hydrite now has a hiring tool that matches candidates to roles based on strengths and motivations.


Hydrite has successfully placed and retained candidates in the proper technical sales role as a result of utilizing this tool.

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  • Included in the Program:

    • Competency Modeling
    • Strengths and Key Motivator Assessments
    • Candidate Assessment and Evaluation
    • Performance Development Plans for Existing Sales Team
    • Vertical Movement Assessment for Current Technical Team