Arthur J. Gallagher | ImpactSales
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Arthur J. Gallagher

Case Study: Arthur J. Gallagher

Custom-Designed Curriculum Architecture and e-Learning Development

The Situation

As part of a strategic hiring initiative, AJG needed a means of quickly educating new Producers about their individual Practice Groups.


New hires were being sourced primarily out of industry, which means that most of the hires came with sales or industry experience, but not with insurance backgrounds.


AJG required a means of training new hires on their specific solutions aligned to the target clients by industry.

The Solution

Practice University – Customized e-learning Modules designed for each practice specialty.


Impact Sales designed and delivered e-learning modules to support AJG’s Practice University initiative.  Each module includes deep learning experiences around the market, client types, specific solutions and networking.


Impact Sales also worked with AJG to conduct in-depth curriculum mapping and architecture for the new Producer experience. The Practice University modules are just one example from that curriculum. Many other resources and tools were also identified and mapped to the individual new hire learning plans.