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Case Study: Accenture

Global Executive Business Development

The Situation

Phase One: Accenture Operations (Business Process Outsourcing) provides outsourced operations functions to Fortune 500 clients internationally.  At program start, Account Leads were responsible for Account Management functions focusing on delivery and P & L. With increased competition and need for significant account growth, Accenture realized the need for growth both vertically and horizontally. Account Leads had developed relationships with the highest C Level contacts within their accounts and now the need was for account leads to cross-sell across multiple functions. This not only meant initiating new contacts with C Level executives in their client accounts representing multiple departments and functions, but also required Account Leads to learn their internal offerings and capabilities across functions. Accenture is a highly matrixed organization. The Account Leads not only needed to learn to navigate new ground within their client base, they also are part of a larger Account Lead which also needed careful navigation and relationship building. While most Account Lead Executives  were very successful in their Account Management roles, most were not comfortable with their new roles which embraced new organic account growth and more assertive selling.


Phase Two: Scale to the Masses – Once the inaugural program was built and validated, the challenge was to scale the program to the total account lead population globally. Utilizing all of the components of the pilot program,  the challenge was to scale the program to the total account lead population globally. It was not feasible or efficient  to get the entire population together for live face to face training, so a comprehensive solution needed to be developed in a totally virtual environment.

The Solution

Designed and Implemented the Sr. Account Leadership program for Accenture Business Operations


In partnership with CARA Corporation, Impact Sales provided a comprehensive capability development program aligned to the new competencies required of Account Lead Executives. We started with the top Account Lead Executives – those managing Accenture’s largest accounts internationally. Through custom-designed assessment, we provided Account Executives with personalized development plans that blended assessment, Sr. Executive Coaching, 1:1 coaching with Impact Sales, Virtual group training Huddles and opportunities for internal communication and strategic account development.


Phase Two – After the success of inaugural Account Lead Executive Development Program, the challenge was to scale to the total global account lead population. –Building on the new capabilities of the program graduates, we developed a “coach the coach” program which enlisted the first group of participants as coaches to subsequent  peer groups. Groups were structured by industry and geographies, focusing on similar issues and strategies. Impact Sales worked developed custom-designed coach materials including comprehensive learning materials and trainer’s notes for coaches to hold virtual coaching sessions with their assigned teams, set program calendars and curriculum, assisted coaches and held monthly coach forums and custom-designed train the trainer materials.

This program in partnership with CARA Corporation

The Results

The CEO for this group stressed early on that this is not a training program but an ongoing way of doing business and achieving personal development aligned to business goals.


Account Lead Executives demonstrated continuous improvement measured against the newly defined competencies through self-evaluation and Sr. Leadership feedback.


After completion of the first year of the program, Account Leads were evaluated based on an account matrix scorecard. 90% of those evaluated had doubled their account offerings in the first year. 60% had tripled their offerings resulting in substantial account growth.


After the success of the initial program, the program was scaled to the global Account Lead Executive population.  Subsequent groups continue to demonstrate the same account growth as exhibited by their alumni coaches.

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  • Included in the Program:

    • Custom-designed capability assessments and scorecard
    • Custom-designed learning paths and plans with recommended interventions
    • Learning asset mapping
    • Communication planning
    • Training Delivery (ILT and VILT)
    • Executive coaching
    • Collaboration with Global Sr. Leadership sponsors
    • Coach the Coach program
    • Train the trainer program